CDW Insurance

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Insurance is a form of insurance cover which protects the hirer against accidental damage to the rental vehicle. CDW protection usually also covers theft of the vehicle.

Many CDW insurance policies have a CDW excess figure, which the hirer may be liable to pay all, or part of in the event of damage to the vehicle. The excess amount varies depending on the rental vehicle type, and will usually be proportional to the value of the vehicle. With smaller cars the excess will generally be a few hundred Euros, whereas for a larger vehicle such as a minibus, the excess could be over 1000 Euros.

NOTE: The CDW excess is the maximum amount for which the hirer of the rental vehicle is liable. In the event of damage to the vehicle the amount charged should be proportional to the cost of fixing the damage.

How much CDW excess does my quote have?

See the "Terms and Conditions" link on the quote for details

How do I get "no excess" insurance?

If you want a fully inclusive CDW insurance option (zero excess), there are 2 options

Option 1

Take out the CDW insurance cover on the quote from our insurers (Questor)

see full Questor Terms and Conditions (requires PDF viewer)

This is usually the cheaper option, however you will have to make a claim to Questor to reimburse the cost of any damage. The rental company will debit the amount from your credit card in the event of any damage to the rental vehicle.

The Questor policy also covers the following

Option 2 Purchase CDW Insurance when you collect your vehicle

Take out additional CDW excess insurance cover directly with the rental company when collecting the vehicle

Some people prefer to take out excess cover directly with the rental company when they collect the vehicle.

The main advantage of this is that in the event of damage to the vehicle, nothing is taken from your credit card by the rental company and there is no need to make a separate claim as everything is handled directly by the rental company insurance.

If you plan to purchase CDW excess when you collect your vehicle deselect the zero excess option on the booking page. CDW form

NOTE: Please take a few minutes to check the vehicle for damage on collection. Ensure any damage is clearly identified on the damage checklist which will be given to you by the rental agent